How to use AI Chatbot experts

Explore the AI Chatbot Experts feature in Yamitools through these interactive steps. From initiating a chat to obtaining expert advice on securing your app, this guide will walk you through the process seamlessly.

Login to your account on: #

1. Click on the expert you want #

Initiate a chat with the AI chatbot by clicking on the bot expert you want, like “Mr Kevin.”

Click on the expert you want

2. Click “New Conversation” #

Start a new conversation with the AI chatbot by selecting “New Conversation.”

Click 'New Conversation'

3. Click “Type your message..” #

Enter your message in the chat window by clicking on “Type your message..”

Click 'Type your message..'

4. Fill your query #

Input your query “how to secure my app” in the chat window.

Fill your query

5. Click “Send” #

Send your message to the AI chatbot by clicking on “Send.”

Click 'Send'

Unveil the potential of AI Chatbot Experts with Yamitools. From starting a conversation to seeking advice on app security, this guide empowers you to utilize this feature effectively for employee training.